Message From President

Economy is the pillar of development for any country. People of a country with a strong economy are not only free; they are also happy. Nepal is currently in the process progressing in terms of growth and development. Nepal is today putting efforts to make itself prosperous in every sector including industry, business, banks and financial institutions, infrastructure, energy, tourism, agriculture, insurance, mining and minerals. For this, awareness of civil society along with the state is needed. Civil society, along with the government, needs a vibrant, independent and strong media to drive every activity to strengthen the economy. For a developing country like Nepal, economic sector journalism is indispensable. There are no non-political and non-economic issues in the world. Politics and economy are interlinked. Therefore, the importance of economic journalism is quite notable

The contribution of the Society of Economic journalist Nepal (SEJON) is important for the development of economic journalism that shakes and informs both the government and civil society to drive Nepal’s overall economic activities. Founded 23 years ago, SEJON has played and continues to play a major role in establishing in the country that media content is not only political but also economic. In the past, the leadership and all the members have contributed a lot to move the season forward. In particular, SEJON has been playing a role in raising the issue of economic journalism by raising the capacity of journalists and giving it special priority. SEJON has been conducting studies, researches as well as policy debates, trainings, orientations, interactions, etc. related to economics along with capacity building of economic journalists, especially in the field of economic journalism. SEJON has been increasing cooperation and partnership with the government, private sector, development partners and civil society.

Janardan Baral
Society of Economic Journalists- Nepal (SEJON)
Business and Economic Bureau Chief
Naya Patrika National Daily